About Readerize

Many people miss Google Reader. It keeps coming up again and again. And I wonder why despite the advent of other RSS readers, people still complain about Google Reader being shut down. It was free, of course, but it marked an end of an era.

Readerize attempts to bring back Google Reader, minus the RSS dependency. Like it or not, many good websites don't care about RSS, and even if they do, it is riddled with errors or incomplete data. RSS is a second class citizen now, relegated to the internet slums.

So join the clan, try out Readerize with our 30-day free trial. It's not free because, like Google Reader, free things don't last, and crawling the internet isn't particularly cheap.

Jonathan Lin
Readerize Founder


How can I add sources to my Readerize account?

Click on "New Source" (the big black button) in your dashboard and search for a source that you like. If a source isn't there, click on "Source Requests" and request for a source.

We will update you on the status on your source request via email, and it will usually take up to 3 business days to resolve.

Will you show the entire article content?

Would it be correct for a 3rd-party website (like Readerize) to republish wholesale entire contents from say, a media news outlet like BBC or NYT which depends on advertising revenue on its site?

It's a fine line. I'd say it is not appropriate for Readerize to display entire contents from certain sources, and to preempt a legal notice coming our way, Readerize shows content from certain sources partially (i.e. you can't read the full article in Readerize).

Which sources are subject to this is also Readerize's judgement call. In general, private blogs and company blogs will not be subject to this limitation. If subject to the partial content limitation, Readerize will make it easy for you to click and view the original article.

Terms of Use

  1. Whether or not a site is crawlable is a best effort from Readerize. Sites that attempt to block us from crawling (e.g. using Cloudflare) will take a lot of effort to workaround and we make no guarantees about it.
  2. Readerize is not responsible for the content of the articles shown.
  3. Readerize is not liable for missing data due to technical issues, human errors, or anything else. We try our best.
  4. We reserve the right to remove a Readerize source at any time without notice, especially if given a takedown notice, for example.
  5. We reserve the right to choose not display the full content of the article in our article viewer in order to maintain relationships with publishers and be a good citizen of the internet.
  6. We reserve the right to determine whether a requested source is crawlable or not.
  7. All requested sources will also be listed in the sources page for all other users to subscribe to.
  8. By using Readerize you consent to the use of necessary cookies for analytics and login purposes as outlined in our Privacy Policy.